Storytelling projects in museums

Jüdisches Museum Berlin

Jewish Museum Berlin

In summer 2020 the Jewish Museum Berlin opened its new children’s museum ANOHA Erzählkunst e.V. is ever present! Storytelling, coaching and special events for holiday camps and of course festivals such as the summer party 2023 and interactive outreach programs in 2024. Check the Website for more information!

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Museum of Ethnology Dresden,
Japanese Palace, The Damascus room

Inspired by the famous novella collection “Decamerone” and the need for innovative ideas during the Corona period, DECAMERONE FOR FUTURE was born.

The Japanese Palace in Dresden transformed into an utopian story telling laboratory. Can stories and storytelling help us to envision a positive future, with less fear and worries?

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 Since the opening of the Damascus Room in September 2022, our storytellers from Erzaehlkunst e.V. have curated the series “Dialogue among Guests: Storytelling Afternoons” with local and international storytellers in this stimulating environment.

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Summer interventions on the Dresden-Damascus axis: 27-29 September 2024
Curated by Naemi Schmidt-Lauber and Maria Carmela Marinelli, in cooperation with Erzählraum Sachsen. With: Jörg Baeseke, Patrick Niegsch, Paradies Orchester, Hamid Saneij and others. More information to follow!

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Labyrinth Children’s Museum

Stories told by storytellers from Erzählkunst e.V. connect language, music and storytelling rituals to approach and engage with children, often deeply involved with their own, often tragical personal stories. The art of repetitions associated with familiar rituals aim to support children with a framework, in which they can find orientation through creativity and imagination. (Have a look a the Website Labyrinth Kindermuseum!)

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Bild ErzählZeit

Märkisches Museum

The Märkisches Museum is dedicated to the history, culture and everyday life of the city of Berlin. It is associated with the Berlin City Museum’s Saturdays children and families as well as during the “Long Night of Museums”.
Storytellers from Erzählkunst e.V. tell magical Berlin stories such as “The White Woman in the Berlin Castle and “The Märkische Eulenspiegel”. The series of events was funded 2010-2012 by the Berlin Project Fund for Cultural Education as part of the “ErzählZeit” project of the Erzählkunst e.V. association.

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