2024 wird great!

TRANSMISSION – right here, right now DONNERSTAG 29.8. Open Air: 19:30 Uhr/ 7:30 pm Maria Carmela Marinelli, Elettra Bargiacchi: Die Feder und der Spiegel (DE) Read more
Who cares for Death?– a performance about the inevitable concept of death (EN) Read more
The invisible beauty of acceptance (EN) Read more
Singer-Songwriter, the Special Guest beim Story Cocktail am Freitag, 30.8. (EN) Read more
Opening. Mixed Show und Musik (DE/EN) Read more
Spurlos! (DE) Read more
Open Training. Rhythms with Nicola Knappe Read more
Anna Bone bei der Familienvorstellung am Sonntag 1.9. 11 Uhr (DE) Read more