call for tenders

Promotion for young talents of storytellers

  • Did you only start telling stories recently, three years ago at the most?
  • Would you like to perform at the Storytelling Stage on Friday October 20th 2023?
  • Do you have a programme of 45-60 minutes that deals with the theme of identity? A programme that combines autobiography with traditional stories?
  • Are you ready to perform in German?

For the first time, Erzählkunst e.V. is offering a grant for young talents: We sponsor a performance in our series of events Erzählbühne in Berlin. The storytelling stage takes place monthly, is led by Sven Tjaben and always consists of two parts: a guest performance by professional storytelling artists and an open part in which anyone can tell a story (up to 10 minutes) in whatever language you like.

You can find more about the storytelling stage here.

The promotion of young talent is made possible financially by the VEE, Association of German-Speaking Narrators.

Next Application: August 2024.

We need: A short vita, a description of your artistic career and a description of your programme, including title, content and approximate duration.

Please send everything in PDF format to 

The jury consists of the board of Erzählkunst e.V.

You will be notified by the beginning of September 2024 at the latest whether we can invite you. There is no entitlement to sponsorship.

We will pay you an honorarium and, if applicable, travel expenses.
We will announce your performance on our platforms and via the VEE,
a representative of which will also be present. After the performance, we invite the audience to a discussion.

Sven Tjaben and the board of Erzählkunst e.V.

Download Call for proposals for the promotion of young talents