Educational Projects

Erzaehlkunst e.V. launches storytelling projects in education for children and adults

Foto Erzählkurse
Photo: U. Breinl

In our educational work with children, we focus on transcultural storytelling: in daycare centres, schools and refugee shelters, our storytelling projects contribute to empowering children with a migration background in particular. The scientific evaluation of long-term projects of the association shows: storytelling creates community, it promotes self-consciousness , imagination and empathy. In short: storytelling makes you feel strong – and makes fun for sure!

Photo: DiLenz

Storytelling projects in schools

Storytellers from the Erzählkunst association bring stories into schools, because storytelling not only promotes language skills, but also connects and gives assurance, and thus sustainably strengthens the integration of all children. Erzaehlkunst e.V. is particularly involved in classes with children from a migrant background.

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Jüdisches Museum Berlin

Storytelling projects in Museums

More and more museums are integrating storytelling into their educational outreach work. The Erzaehlkunst association presently cooperates with such diverse Berlin museums as the Märkisches Museum, the Labyrinth Children’s Museum and the Jewish Museum.

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Foto aus dem Film “Damit meine Geschichte ein gutes Ende findet”
Photo: Constanze König

Storytelling for and with refugees

Erzaehlkunst e.V. is involved in projects with refugees, for example in refugee shelters and in welcome classes. Storytelling can easily create common understanding and can develop an invisible bond, connecting listeners and tellers irrespective of their nationality.

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Langzeit Projekte, Illustration: Ursula Breinl
© U. Breinl

Long term project “ErzählZeit”

From 2008 to 2013, the “ErzaehlZeit” project was developed under the umbrella of the Erzaehlkunst e.V. association. The core of the long-term storytelling offers primary schools and daycare centres an artistic approach to the teaching of the German language through improvised spoken storytelling. The scientific evaluation of the project shows that storytelling promotes language acquisition, intercultural education and integration. And it does so sustainably.

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