Storytelling for and with refugees

Film: Constanze König

Film “Damit meine Geschichte ein gutes Ende findet” (EN: For my story to have a good ending”)

A storytelling and film project by storyteller Christine Lander and filmmaker Constanze König with unaccompanied young refugees at the Albert-Gutzmann-Schule Berlin Wedding.

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Photo: Arna Vogel

Storytelling Café – Storytelling in refugee accomodation

Since January 2017, the storytellers of the association Erzählkunst e.V. have been regularly telling fairy tales from all over the world in a refugee accommodation in Berlin’s Alt-Mariendorf district under the motto “Storytelling connects”.

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Photo: Wilmsmeier/Tjaben


Storytelling for and with refugee adults

For many people, Berlin stands for hope like no other city: hope for a self-determined life, for a peaceful coexistence of cultures. The different biographies that this city unites and the city’s history served as inspiration and basis for the examination of the stories of the refugee men in this storytelling project.

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Photo: DiLenz

Storytelling in Welcome Classes

Refugee children and young people who are new to Germany and do not yet speak German initially attend a welcome class in Berlin to learn the language and get to know everyday life in a German school. Storytellers from the association Erzählkunst bring stories into the welcome classes, because storytelling not only helps with language acquisition, but also connects and creates trust, and thus promotes integration in the long term.

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