Storytelling Stage in April:

KulturMarktHalle, Hanns-Eisler-Str. 93, 10409 Berlin
19.04.2024, 7:30 pm

Die Schmetterlingsfrau/ The Butterfly Woman.
Maria Sibylla Merian and the “Summerbirds”

Dorothea Nennewitz (Schöningen), in German language

A fascinating woman who impresses with her determination, perseverance, courage and confidence: Maria Sybilla Merian. 350 years ago, she collected butterfly caterpillars with incredible perseverance, observed their development and recorded everything in unique watercolours and copperplate engravings. In doing so, she broke new ground in insect research and was – unusually for the time in which she lived – an independent, inquiring woman with a pioneering spirit and the courage of an explorer.
Dorothea Nennewitz tells of the eventful life of the artist and naturalist in multifaceted and captivating stories with lively gestures, facial expressions and action.
Audience comment: “You really want to know what happens next.”

About: Dorothea Nennewitz has two professions that she is passionate about: she is a nature educator and a freelance storyteller. She completed the “Artistic Storytelling – Storytelling in Art and Education” course at the Berlin University of the Arts. She interweaves both professions to create new, multi-faceted narrative pieces that bring natural and cultural science topics to life in a very special way. Her clear, lively narrative style draws the audience right into the stories.

Moderation: Sven Tjaben

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