Erzählkunst e.V. organises workshops for further training for storytellers – exclusively for association members. Only if free places remain will they be opened to non-members. Archive Workshops

Workshop with Abbi Patrix

Transmission, Freedom and Improvisation for the Teller

« I am fascinated by the possibility of the teller.

He/she can jump from a world of fiction to a reality of here and now.

He/She can change the time and the tempo of the story.

He/she can be faithfull and yet reinvent the tradition where he/she comes from.

Where is this freedom comming from? This is what we shall investigate together.

Bring your stories and let us search.”

Trained at the Drama School Jacques Lecoq  in Paris, Abbi Patrix has been exploring the art of storytelling for the past thirty years. His work is at the cross-roads of theatre, music and movement,on a permanent quest for new ways and voices to enrich the form of storytelling. To transmit his search to young générations of storytellers he created in France and in europe « the labo », a collective and multi-disciplinary space for research, improvisation and transmission. He is a founding member of Fest. He performs in french and english.

Abbi Patrix also gives a performance at the UdK on Saturday 9 December 2023, more info to follow at the UdK Kalendar

Photo Eva Edsjo

When :
Wednesday 6rd & Thursday 7th of December 2023
both days from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Cost: 225 €
Minimum 8, maximum 12 participants.

Registration and further information:

Naemi Schmidt-Lauber
Tel. 0176 – 20 74 18 30

Continuation course: Voice work with Beate Krützkamp

Thema: Lyrik und Versmaß, Sprache und eigene Stimme, Vertiefung Bildhaftigkeit durch artikulierte Konsonanten, Charakterisierungen im gestischen Erzlen

Topic: Language and own voice
Onomatopoeia through consonants
Consonants in children’s verse
Imagery through articulated consonants
4 elements as movement quality in gestural narration

The focus is on how the conscious use of consonants lends structure and imagery to language, to what is said. In this workshop we will train our virtuosity, experiment with children’s verse and onomatopoeia, and find concrete, unusual ways of using them that we can apply immediately. In this way we strengthen the creation of strong images in the minds of our listeners. And we play with the 4 elements as a quality of movement in gestural storytelling.

Beate Krützkampis a voice and speech teacher. She teaches at the UdK and the Michael-Tschechow-Institut among others – and now also with us again!

When :
Friday 3rd November 6-9 p.m.
Saturday 4th of November 10 a.m.-1p.p. and 2-5 p.m. 


Cost: 100 €, only for participants of the spring course.
Minimum 8, maximum 10 participants.

Registration and further information:

Naemi Schmidt-Lauber
Tel. 0176 – 20 74 18 30