“For my story to have a good ending” EN

A storytelling and film project conducted by storyteller Christine Lander and filmmaker Constanze König with unaccompanied young refugees at the Albert-Gutzmann-Schule Berlin Wedding.

Christine Lander and filmmaker Constanze König conducted an intensive two-week project with 14- to 18-year-old refugees in a so called „welcome class“ at the Albert-Gutzmann-Schule. The adolescents told their stories at first in a free private space only to the camera and then publicly to three different classes at school.

After only four months, struggling passionately with the newly acquired german language, these young refugees soon became strong mediators between their own and the german culture. They soon realised how storytelling can easily create common understanding. Storytelling to them, developed an invisible bond, connecting listeners and tellers irrespective of their nationality.

In this protective community, mutualy based on respect, care and support, the pupils developed storytelling skills and thus regained self consciousness and a feeling of identity.


The project was funded by the German Children’s Fund (DKHW) www.dkhw.de
Video documentary by Constanze König, June 2016  www.conk-av.de