© Grace Wangari
17.06.2022, 19:30
Storyteller: Grace Wangari, Concert: Quena Tapia

“The Bold and the Ingenious – Tales of incredible Women through Time” will be filled stories you wont forget, told by the amazing Grace Wangari –  or Wangari the Storyteller as she is popularly known. She believes in the power of stories to make us reflect on life, past, present and future. Wangari’s performances are highly participatory with the stories woven with dance, song and other performance delicacies. Working with diverse audiences, she has over the years polished her skills.

More info on Wangari on her website and facebook.

© Carlos H. Juica A.

Quena Tapia was born in Berlin to two Chilean folk musicians, and thus inspired to follow their path: She studied song in Santiago de Chile and guitar at the EMMB in Badalona, Spain. For 10 years now she is back in her Berlin, searching for her roots in Latinamerican music. She organized the monthly music event Mi Peña es tu Peña at the Regenbogenfabrik and plays with several musicians in Duos with Cello, Charango, Peruvian Creole Guitar and Piano to discover and bring to life the richness of traditional Latinamerican music.

More infos about her here.