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18.02.2022, 20:00
Tim Ralphs

1001 Nacht zu Hause / 1001 Nights at Home Nr. 8

In February Tim Ralphs brings us a collection of stories he’s picked up on his travels, all of them wondertales – folk stories of marvel, magic and mystery. Come with us on a journey through the unreal, haunting and yet strangely familiar world of these traditional stories. A world where animals talk, things come alive and the difference between right & wrong is not always obvious. Come let Tim enchant you with his words!

About the Storyteller

Tim Ralphs has been telling traditional tales since he started his first storytelling club in his school library as a teenager. A child of the UK storytelling revival, he gathers inspiration from the ongoing relevance of ancient stories to contemporary life. His work has led him everywhere from festivals in India, Belgium and his native UK to helping vulnerable teenagers in Colombia share their stories. Tim Ralphs strives to endlessly innovate whilst sinking his roots deeper down.

More about Tim Ralphs here.

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